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Experienced water testing helpers in KenyaThere is no way that we can overlook the importance of water. Specifically quality water is essential for human survival. Water that is contaminated with bacteria and heavy metals put the health of its consumers at risk. As a result of this water testing is very important in order to know how safe or suitable it is for a specific purpose. The great achievements that have been made in modern chemistry have made it possible to test for different types of chemicals in water. There are numerous tests that can be conducted on such water in order to come up with reliable results. The point here is that you do not have to consume just any kind of water and hope for the best as you can now test how safe such water is before consuming it with a reasonably high degree of accuracy. If you are in need of water testing services in Kenya then you should be sure to contact us today.

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Generally, water is analyzed using a number of broad categories. Such categories include but not necessarily limited to: chemical analysis and bacterial analysis. The purpose of chemical analysis is to detect the various types of chemicals including hard metals and their residuals. This is important as there is a set standard of the minimum amount of chemicals that should be present in water for consumption. This category of test also includes assessing the alkalinity or acidity of the given water. We promise you that we have state of the art laboratory equipment for conducting water chemical analysis. You might be impressed to know that we do not charge exorbitantly for our services. As a matter of fact, we offer among the most affordable water testing services in Kenya.

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On the other hand, the purpose of bacteriology analysis is to determine the type and amount of bacteria in the water. It is good to note that some bacteria fall under the category of pathogens. In other words, their presence poses a health risk to the consumers. We are willing to help you conduct water bacterial analysis should you decide to place your order at our firm. Some different types of water that we have specialized in testing include: ground water, surface water, drinking water, swimming pool water, well water and waste water. We assure you that you shall in no doubt be impressed with our water testing services as they are of acceptable quality.